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Booking Systems

Innerv8 Online Appointment, Diary or Scheduler system is your virtual receptionist – saves time and $$$ I didn’t want to hire a receptionist, the online booking system allows our patients to book appointments through our website and we have a call centre linked to the system. 
The technology has certainly paid for itself. RK - Vic

Call Centre Services

Internet-based bookings enables call centres to book appointments for national retailers, service providers and sales forces. 

Innerv8 delivers quick ROI:

  • Lower call volume for internal call centres
  • Improved resource utilization
  • Reduced cancellations and lost business
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Better management control

Thanks to Innerv8's Web-based bookings technology, call centres and service centres can now book online appointments and reservations for businesses with widely dispersed locations and resources. Innerv8 provides call centres with real-time visibility into the inventory of available appointment time, facilities, equipment, services and events regardless of location and immediately makes and confirms appointments and automatically updates available resources.

Innerv8 supports both appointment based scheduling for people, facilities and equipment as well as event-based scheduling for enrollment and registration of training classes, seminars and corporate programmes. The Innerv8 Call Centre Service easily integrates with all call centre platforms, whether you run a call centre or a telephone answering service.

Call centres can deploy Innerv8 in a number of ways to provide the highest level of convenience, customer service and management control.

Enterprise Scheduling
National service businesses and government agencies can use Innerv8 to centralise all bookings into a call centre environment, while continuing to schedule at the local level. Innerv8 is more than a simple reservation application. In addition to automatically accepting and confirming appointments, taking reservations and registering events via the Internet, the software manages complex resources and generates detailed activity reports. Since Innerv8 is a real-time bookings application that exploits the ubiquitous nature of the Internet, there are never any conflicts or double-bookings. Whenever a timeslot is booked by a call centre or at the remote location, Innerv8 removes it from available inventory - ensuring that all sites are working with an identical, up-to-date schedule.

Sales and Field Service Scheduling
Businesses can use Innerv8 Booking system to make appointments on behalf of their national sales force, booking customer visits, product demos, conference calls and other customer focused activities. Likewise, the system can be used to quickly locate and commit the right sales support person for every sales opportunity – evaluating skill set, availability, location and other rules-based criteria. This results in shorter sales cycles, better utilisation of expensive resources and higher close rates. The system is also handy for scheduling field service calls, installations and other mobile workforce activities.

Corporate Call Centre
Innerv8 is ideally suited to the corporate call centre manager who is responsible for reducing call volume, smoothing peak loads, and enhancing the overall service experience for customers. Using Innerv8's self-serve scheduling option, corporations can offer customers the opportunity to book online, without speaking to live operators. Innerv8 makes self-scheduling quick and convenient, and gives customers the option to use the Internet or a connected PDA.

Telephone Answering Services
Innerv8's call centre enables Telephone Answering Services (TAS) to book appointments and reservations in real time on behalf of local businesses. As a result, a TAS can offer a compelling value proposition to a appointment -intensive operation or an independent professional who is difficult to reach during normal working hours - more bookings less hassles. By using Innerv8's Booking system, a TAS can answer every call, reserve bookings in real time, and instantly confirm them. This reduces the number of phone call interruptions for the business and frees up resources for other, more valuable functions.

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