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Innerv8 Online Appointment, Diary or Scheduler system is your virtual receptionist Ė saves time and $$$ I didnít want to hire a receptionist, the online booking system allows our patients to book appointments through our website and we have a call centre linked to the system. 
The technology has certainly paid for itself. RK - Vic

What will it cost?

More often than not, the question is; ďHow much will I save?Ē If you invest in a system or product that gives you time-saving benefits and greater profits, then it really isnít a cost to the Company, is it? The online booking system is an optimising tool which assists business growth.

We work with our clients and assess their current systems to see if our software applications can improve efficiency or save them time and money, before they sign up. We view our relationship as a long term partnership where our systems assist and support your business growth by streamlining repetitive manual work practices and replace them with innovative automatic response technology solutions. If we canít save you money then donít sign up with us.

Your Guarantee
If the Innerv8 Online booking system is not saving you money after 90 days use of the system, we will refund your connection fee and the first 3 months subscription fees. Thatís our customer support guarantee commitment to you.

Your investment:

  • Subscription: from $33.00 per month (thatís $1.00 per day!)
  • One off connection fee: $395.00
  • You are not locked into long-term contracts
  • We can have your system up and running within 24 hours


  • Setup and training 
  • Upload existing database
  • E-commerce enabled to process credit card payments
  • Fax or SMS notification

* Please contact us for a quote.

The final investment is determined by your specific requirements. 

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