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Innerv8 Online Appointment, Diary or Scheduler system is your virtual receptionist – saves time and $$$ I didn’t want to hire a receptionist, the online booking system allows our patients to book appointments through our website and we have a call centre linked to the system. 
The technology has certainly paid for itself. RK - Vic

If you use a diary for appointments, bookings, meetings or conferences you are missing the advantages of web based online diary or booking systems.

The Innerv8 team will consult with you to find new ways to streamline your repetitive back office work practices and improve customer service. We identify ways to cut costs, reduce double bookings, improve staff efficiency, provide instant bookings, automated email or SMS confirmations and increase profits.

The online diary, scheduler or booking system permits customers and staff to check available time or resources and make an appointment or booking any time of the day or night from your website. No more telephone tag, double bookings or missed phone calls. The customer makes a booking secured with a credit card payment, if required, at a time that suits them. 

The booking process is completely self serve, in many cases it eliminates the need to interact with receptionist staff so the time and cost savings are enormous! Customers can still choose to book over the phone, but many will prefer the convenience of user friendly, online bookings. 

Here’s how it works
Customers access the booking system through the business website, select a suitable time or resource and enter in their personal data and payment details. Once the booking is complete they receive an automatic email confirmation and SMS reminders in one easy session. 

Repetitive staff work practices such as appointment taking, data collection, payment processing and telephone tag is no longer necessary and frees staff to focus on value adding processes.

There are many applications for such as system including; Professional or Specialist services, training and education, sales teams, meeting rooms, conference venues, sporting and recreation activities, Local government, etc plus many more…

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