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Online Reservation Systems save time, $$$ and builds new ways to interact directly with Guests It is much easier to manage our 100+ properties with an online booking system. The automatic email confirmations, Real time Credit card processing and SMS reminders has cut down on a lot of the manual work. 
Our customers love the convienience. PC - NSW.

Frequently Asked Questions

Arrow Why do I need an online reservation system on my website?
It will help increase your conversion rate of web traffic into sales.
Web customers expect access to real time availability and rates. They might pass you up for a competitor if this information isn't available to them instantly.
It will decrease manual labor in answering phone calls and emails from prospective clients who may only want trivial information on availability and price. It will also be available for them to make a booking 24 hours a day - even while you sleep.

Arrow Why is the Innerv8 Res-system better than other online 3rd party reservation systems?
The Innerv8 Online Reservation System integrates into your existing website preserving your branding and identity and giving web customers the sense that they are actually booking with you rather than some 3rd party intermediary. They book direct with you so you remain in control!

Innerv8 Res-system combines 3 features into one integrated system; A full-featured online reservation and guest management system with online credit card facility which allows you to continue to take reservations manually or over the Net, rather than the less flexible alternative of allocating blocks of rooms to 3rd party booking agents. As well you now have a free reservation and inventory management system to use!

Arrow What does it cost me?
This depends greatly on what is required for your solution. Prices for a hosted version start at just over $1 per day. Click here for more information.

Arrow How secure is Innerv8?
The system is protected by the highest level of security protection 128-bit SSL encryption, when credit card payment details are either entered or displayed. This is the encryption standard used by all e-commerce sites and online banks around the world.

Arrow Can Innerv8 interface with my current internal reservation system?
Yes, this is possible. Please contact us to discuss what system you are currently using. 

Arrow Is it installed on our web server?
No. The Innerv8 Online Reservation System is hosted on our Web servers. You access the system by your unique password via the Web.

Arrow What are the system requirements for using the Management Application?
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later.

Arrow How long does it take to set up?
We can have your account ready and the system customised to your property within 24 hours. Depending on the size and complexity of your room inventory, launch can be between two to three days.

Arrow How do online payments work?
The system will pass credit card information and all other payment details onto you to process. Innerv8 does not process the payments. You will receive an email notification once a new web booking arrives and you will need to log in to the Manager Application within 72 hours to access the payment information.

Arrow How does Innerv8's E-reservation fee work?
Innerv8 will invoice you at the end of each month for 5% of sales that originated through the Innerv8 e-commerce system.

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