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Online Reservation Systems save time, $$$ and builds new ways to interact directly with Guests It is much easier to manage our 100+ properties with an online booking system. The automatic email confirmations, Real time Credit card processing and SMS reminders has cut down on a lot of the manual work. 
Our customers love the convienience. PC - NSW.


Superior customer support will always be our company's top priority. We understand the value of creating positive customer partnerships as the foundation of a successful online booking technology company.

Our management team's background in operating and consulting to accommodation companies over the past seventeen years gives us a true perspective of our customer's needs and expectations. We pride ourselves on providing quality online training, fast response times and easy accessibility. 

Generic System and Custom Development
Innerv8 has designed its accommodation platform to support rapid configuration and deployment of a more standardised solution, or custom development of a solution crafted to fit unique property requirements. Our rules-based, database-driven architecture allows us to configure our standard solution in 24 hours for small to medium applications. Custom development is often required for national service chains and industries or regional groups that want to incorporate well-established workflows or add unique functionality. In either case, our professional customer service and system designers are available to ensure the success of your project. Here are some of the services we can perform:

  • Configuration of the Res-system platform to your unique business rules.
  • Integration with front and back office systems.
  • Integration with front-end Web services.
  • Custom software development and project management.
  • Web development services to integrate content into the application.
  • Customised report development.

We can provide as much or as little training as your implementation requires. Our standardised solution requires very little training as telephone and online support is available. On-site training is not necessary but is available if required. For custom solutions, a training program and knowledge transfer program is tailored for each project. Training is offered at the customer's site, online, or a combination of the two.

We understand that reservations are the lifeblood of your businesses. So once you are up and running, Innerv8 Technical Support is committed to keeping you up and running. We are available directly by telephone during normal business hours or by mobile 24/7. Our standard practice is to provide technical support to our customers as part of their ASP service fee or maintenance contract. Of course, our support plans entitle our customers to free and continual product upgrades delivering enhanced functionality and capabilities.

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