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Online Reservation Systems save time, $$$ and builds new ways to interact directly with Guests It is much easier to manage our 100+ properties with an online booking system. The automatic email confirmations, Real time Credit card processing and SMS reminders has cut down on a lot of the manual work. 
Our customers love the convienience. PC - NSW.

Website tips

Innerv8's online booking engine works directly from your website. Potential guests are increasingly looking for websites which offer the speed and convenience of a one-stop availability check, instant purchase and confirmation.

Guests do not want to wait for replies by email. Innerv8 reservation software adds an interactive feature to your website making it easier to meet your guests' expectations and close more sales.

If you do not have a web site we can provide a simple two page site for free through a third party which can then link to the Innerv8 Res-system system. Click here for more information. 

For Inbound Tour Operators, the Innerv8 Res-system offers a unique sales advantage for wholesale clients who are looking for ways to make reservations over the Internet in order to save communication costs, and cut time delays. With Innerv8, you can offer your wholesale clients the invaluable service of being able to confirm rooms instantly, at their password-protected contract rates.

The Innerv8 Guest Management and Reporting features is useful for marketing: 

  • Our Revenue Report details total room nights booked, number of guests, average room rate, etc.
  • A guest database is stored in Innerv8 Res-system, including confidential email addresses and guest history for email broadcasts.
  • Reports can be generated to track where the bookings came from. 

You should take every opportunity to promote your website. 

How do I increase my website sales?

We work with a number of professionals who work exclusively in this area. They will give you straight forword advice to on Website Optimisation and Search Engine Promotion. They will research all-important Keywords and software to provide invaluable help on page design and submission. We use these services ourselves and can recommend an appropriate 3rd party providor on request after understanding your exact requirements

Some important Web Statistics: 

  • 84% of all websites are found from search engine results.
  • 82% of all traffic on the web is surfing in Search Engines.
  • 97% of all search traffic is done on just 18 search engines.
  • 99% of Internet users do not search beyond the first two-pages of results. 

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