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Online Reservation Systems save time, $$$ and builds new ways to interact directly with Guests It is much easier to manage our 100+ properties with an online booking system. The automatic email confirmations, Real time Credit card processing and SMS reminders has cut down on a lot of the manual work. 
Our customers love the convienience. PC - NSW.

What will it cost?

The price is usually determined on what is required for your solution. There are so many different options and settings for the system it is best to contact us for a price. We will work with you to understand your needs and set a fee that is suitable for your requirements.

Unlike some of our competitors, we do not charge high upfront fees. Our current customers often comment on how reasonable our prices are. We view our relationship as a long term partnership where our systems assist and support your business growth by streamlining repetitive work practices through innovative technology solutions. So your success is our success!

Specifically, the cost is made up of an administration fee and an E-reservation fee. Accommodation providers are not locked into long-term contracts. Our price for a hosted version starts at $33.00 per month for a small B&B. Accommodation properties can be up and running on the Innerv8 system within 24 hours. An Optional service is to upload your database into your new system if necessary. Your webmaster needs less than an hour to add a small amount of coding to link the website to Innerv8 Res-system. Weekly maintenance of the system takes only a few minutes on the Internet.

Why pay 10 - 25% commission to a 3rd party booking agent when your guest can book direct with you for a lot less?

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